Davids KidZ

About Us

Who We Are: 
Davids KidZ is a faith-based nonprofit charity organization bringing hope to the hopeless and help to the helpless. We are the hands and feet of Jesus carrying the good news in practical meaningful ways. Davids KidZ is a growing family of people sharing a common vision to see love win out over poverty and suffering.
What We Do:
Through Davids Kidz child sponsorship program, children are thriving and growing. We provide aid to assist the weak and vulnerable through education, feeding and medical programs.  Some of our other projects invest into families economic welfare with the goal to break the cycle of poverty. Davids KidZ is changing lives one child, family, and community at a time.
Our Mission
Show love in practical ways.
Provide life-giving resources.
Educate poor and needy children.
Aid in building community programs.
Share, Serve, Steward, and Strengthen.