Davids KidZ

Frequently Asked Questions

About Child Sponsorship Program

Why sponsor a Davids Kidz child?

Because sponsorship is one of the most effective ways to change children's lives. Through reports and stories of our ongoing child sponsorship program; Davids KidZ is witnessing children's health, education, and lives improving significantly for the future. Without this hands-on help, they would not have any hope of breaking out of the endless cycle of poverty.

What does sponsoring do for a child?

Through Davids Kidz child sponsorship a girl or boy is given opportunities for education along with receiving a school uniform and supplies. Each child will get an annual medical/dental checkup, be part of ongoing food programs, and receive life enrichment training. One of the greatest benefits for the child is seeing the many practical ways that the gospel is being lived out before their eyes.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

The cost to sponsor a child through the Davids Kidz sponsorship program is only $30 per month.

Will my sponsorship support go to benefit my child?

Davids Kidz works alongside local churches to help aid the children in our program. Our trained staff has the opportunity to interact with the children during bi-monthly programs ensuring that funds are being used as they have been designated for your child. Any special donations given through our other programs such as, "Gift of Smiles", goes directly to your child when our staff meets with the caregiver each month at the district centers. You can be sure we work diligently with accountable oversight monitoring the effectiveness of our programs to be wise stewards of the funds that are given.

Are my contributions, gifts, and donations tax-deductible?

All of your U.S. contributions to Davids Kidz are tax-deductible. And we are required according to the 1993 Revenue Reconciliation Act, to verify that no goods or services are given to you for your contributions. Each year you will receive a statement of giving for your tax filing purposes.

Can I correspond with my sponsor child?

When you sponsor a child, we will send you an information packet with instructions on how to be a positive influence in their life. The packet will include your child's picture, sample writing stationery, and simple guidelines to follow. Your sponsor child will love receiving a short letter introducing yourself along with a personal or family they can keep. Our staff will translate and deliver your letter. You can expect at least 1 or more letters per year from your child. We will not forward any content or pictures that aren't consistent with David's KidZ values.

Will my child have another sponsor?

Each Davids Kidz child has only one sponsor, you. That is why your support is so very important in their life. Every prayer you pray and donation you give is making sure that they get the best possible outcome for their impressionable growing lives. Just knowing that they have someone like you who loves and cares for them adds value to their wellbeing and healthy growth over the years.

How long do I sponsor my child?

Davids Kidz offers you the opportunity to stay with your child throughout their entire years of education. (Generally, until 18-24 years of age) We hope that you stay with your child until they finish the program. However, we understand that circumstances may change for you and at that time you can stop the sponsorship. Please be sure to notifying us so we can find another sponsor for your child. Also, if there is ever any change in your sponsor child's circumstances, such as moving out of our program districts, or even a life tragedy, we will notify you. At that time, we will offer you another child that needs your help.

Does Davids Kidz share the Gospel with my sponsored child?

We believe that Jesus came to rescue the least and the lost. This is the main core of Davids KidZ. All of our staff reflects His life and teachings through their love for the children, families, and communities being worked with. Our faith in Jesus is what motivates us to serve the children no matter their religion, race, or gender. Your sponsor child will get to hear firsthand about Jesus Christ and His great love for them when He went to the cross and died for their sins. Davids KidZ children are encouraged to build a relationship with God and to grow through the local partnering church.

Must I have Christian beliefs to sponsor a child?

Davids KidZ does not require you to hold any religious beliefs or practices nor sign any statement of faith. Although we do hope that those who choose to sponsor a child are in alignment with our holistic ministry approach. The ministry of Davids KidZ is evangelical with a universal statement of faith that is aligned with the true biblical Word of God. Each one of our programs and outreaches is carried out by partnering with local Christian churches who share our vision to reach the least and the lost of the world.

Can I change or cancel my sponsorship commitment?

We understand that sometimes life circumstances change for our sponsors making it difficult to continue sending support. If that's the case, we would love to help you adjust your rate to what works best for you so you can stay with your child that you've built a relationship with. Just give us a call at 315-400-3037 or send a note to Davids KidZ, PO Box 61, Madison, NY 13402. And of course, if you want to cancel your sponsorship we would be happy to assist you with that that as well.