Davids KidZ


A Lifesaving Surgery

Mbowa Rebecca was deathly sick and needed lifesaving surgery immediately.  She had a large mass in her abdomen that needed to be removed otherwise she would be dead in two short months.  Rebecca had spent all of what little she had seeing doctors and getting tests.  Even her family and friends depleted their meager resources doing what they could to help their loved ones.  Rebecca felt hopeless and all alone in her suffering.  Her case was presented to us by our doctors and through the Davids Kidz Surgery program, Rebecca received her needed lifesaving surgery!  Today she is healed and gives thankful praises to God for her restored life!

A Medical Miracle

When baby Mubezi Zions’s mother Faith, walked into Davids KidZ medical clinic she was distraught and desperate for a miracle.  Zion had been born just 2 months earlier with a tumor growing from the roof of his mouth.  It had continued to grow so large that it was protruding out of the mouth opening.  Inhibiting his ability to suckle and get nourishment.  Zion’s mother had traveled many miles, expended time and her meager resources with numerous doctors to no avail.  She was told there was no help for her baby and to go home to let the baby die.  However, we serve a big God who works miracles!  After examination and consideration by our medical team they decided to take on the case.  The doctors took quick action to mobilize a team and secure a hospital site.  And within three day’s enough donations poured in to cover the cost for his life saving surgery.  Thanks to Davids KidZ the tumor was successfully removed from Zion’s mouth!  Now nearly 2 years later he is a thriving happy boy!

Loaves and Fish Project

In spite of the many challenges during these uncertain times, one thing is for certain Davids Kidz International is helping to meet the need of hunger children and families.  When the pandemic first hit Uganda, people were locked down.  Unable to get out, they grew hopeless as food sources dwindled and hunger gnawed at already empty bellies.  Quickly Davids KidZ jumped into action coordinating an emergency food aid effort called the, "Loaves and Fish" project.  Food was transported to the districts where sponsor children reside.  Each family was supplied with enough for sustaining their household.  Even soap for personal hygiene and laundry was given out.  Through the generous financial gifts from our sponsors and donor friends, Davids KidZ was even able to give generously to other hungry people living in remote areas.  To this day we continue to see the success of the "Loaves and Fish" project.  We thank God for His miraclulous provision that has enabled us to save 1,000's of lives!