Davids KidZ


A Medical Miracle

When baby Mubezi Zions’s mother Faith, walked into Davids KidZ medical clinic she was distraught and desperate for a miracle.  Zion had been born just 2 months earlier with a tumor growing from the roof of his mouth.  It had continued to grow so large that it was protruding out of the mouth opening.  Inhibiting his ability to suckle and get nourishment.  Zion’s mother had traveled many miles, expended time and her meager resources with numerous doctors to no avail.  She was told there was no help for her baby and to go home to let the baby die.  However, we serve a big God who works miracles!  After examination and consideration by our medical team they decided to take on the case.  The doctors took quick action to mobilize a team and secure a hospital site.  And within three day’s enough donations poured in to cover the cost for his life saving surgery.  Thanks to Davids KidZ the tumor was successfully removed from Zion’s mouth!  Now nearly 2 years later he is a thriving happy boy!