Davids KidZ


Loaves and Fish Project

In spite of the many challenges during these uncertain times, one thing is for certain Davids Kidz International is helping to meet the need of hunger children and families.  When the pandemic first hit Uganda, people were locked down.  Unable to get out, they grew hopeless as food sources dwindled and hunger gnawed at already empty bellies.  Quickly Davids KidZ jumped into action coordinating an emergency food aid effort called the, "Loaves and Fish" project.  Food was transported to the districts where sponsor children reside.  Each family was supplied with enough for sustaining their household.  Even soap for personal hygiene and laundry was given out.  Through the generous financial gifts from our sponsors and donor friends, Davids KidZ was even able to give generously to other hungry people living in remote areas.  To this day we continue to see the success of the "Loaves and Fish" project.  We thank God for His miraclulous provision that has enabled us to save 1,000's of lives!