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Personal Need Project


This practical program targets personal care needs.  One need, in particular, is a good night’s sleep.  Most Ugandan children sleep on dirt floors infested with parasites and swarming mosquitoes. Davids Kidz “C.A.R.E” program can address this problem by providing mattresses, bedding, and also mosquito netting which is nearly 100% effective in preventing malaria the #1 killer of children under the age of 5.  Another need is a cooking pot, utensils, or water buckets which are needed for the daily care of the family. Our Davids KIdZ workers help us to be good stewards of your donations by evaluating the needs of each child and family.  Your gifts to the C.A.R.E program will help to lift the burden of caring for daily basic needs.
*Community Assistance Relief for Everyone

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